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Piano digital Medeli GRAND510 - Piano Importa

Piano digital Medeli GRAND510


100 disponibles

88 note three sensor graded hammer action keybed

Medeli’s newest hammer action keybed with escapement is available in ivory textured keys, resembling closely to an acoustic piano in both aethestic and touch. The three sensor reflects increased accuracy in fast playing performance, capturing every change and dyanmics from different players.The new K8 keybed provides a true-touch sensation that unleash the power of the new sound from the A5 processor.

Built-in high power realistic sound system

DP650K features state of the art HI-Fi stereo system design to realistically reproduce the full bodied sound from the new sound library and to mimic the resonance in an acoustic piano. Players will be fully immersed in the piano experience as the sound system is designed to be directly project to the listener .

Massive polyphony brings the endless music experience

256 polyphony is equipped in DP650K ensuring no note is to be missed when playing fast and complicated music.

Microphone input with tens of vocal effects
With the microphone input, Singing, playing and recording are all accomplished at the same time with click of a record button. The recording could be directly recorded as MP3 file and played on any mobile device and computers. Variety of vocal effects could be added while recording to add flavours to the sound, including popular effects such as distortion, tremolo, tone change and many more.

USB Audio Connection
Understanding the importance of integration with smart devices and piano, the USB Audio connection is built, allowing users to simply plug the smart device and play your favorite music through DP650K’s Hi-Fi stereo system, reproducing the super bass in your music. The elegant digital piano is turned into a technologically advanced Hi-Fi in no time.

Interact with iPad APP for sheet music and more*
Music sheets are built into our App that could be directly connected to the DP650K by the Apple Connection Camera Kit, which helps beginners to learn to play the piano.

Internal MP3 player and recorder

DP650K could play any MP3 files and music could be recorded as MP3 file. the convenience helps players to share and edit music across all platforms.

88-key (hammer-action)
display: OLED Dot-Matrix
polyphony: 256 (max)
voices: 40 panel ; 128 GM; 8 GM drum kits
duo (Twinova): YES
sequencer: 1 user song
demo song: 40 voice

music library:

90 preset songs; L/R hand learning
audio playback: MP3
audio recorder: MP3

external drive: USB (128G max)

dimensions LWH (mm): 1407 x 505 x 1062

weight (kgs): 52



Piano digital Medeli GRAND510


100 disponibles

Piano digital de escenario Medeli Grand510


numero de articulo : GRAND510
product id: 42968

digital baby grand piano, 88 keys, 2x100W, with PSU

88-key (hammer-action)
display: backlit lcd
polyphony: 256 (max)
voices: 1200 panel; 13 drum kits
styles: 270 preset
style creator: yes
o.t.s. : yes
sequencer: 1 user song (16 tracks)
demo song: 3

music library:

90 preset songs; l / r hand learning
audio playback: mp3
audio recorder: mp3

external drive: usb (128g max)

dimensions lwh (mm): 1476 x 947 x 932
weight (kgs): 101


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